Since its creation in 1892, the Amano Shikki company has developed unique lacquerware techniques in Takaoka City, (Toyama Prefecture) and has dedicated its expertise and creativity to design products that eassily complement contemporary lifestyles and interiors.

Raden Glass Golden cups(kaleidoscope)

The Raden Glass Collection: A kaleidoscopic tour de force.
The high-quality glasses are chiseled in 12 angled parts and adorned with gold. When saké or spirit is poured, the liquid reflects on the glass and its brightness spreads out like a kaleidoscope.

Raden Glass

The glasses have an appealing design with a shape and weight that feel pleasant to handle. These high-quality glasses bring a refined taste to spirits such as saké, whiskey, vodka, port, or contemporary cocktails.

letter box flowers
and birds

These precious boxes will store your keepsakes, mementos, letters or jewelry, bringing a touch of ‘Japanese beauty’ to your interior.