Introduce traditional Japanese culture to the world by new ways.
Nowadays Japanese society has been globalized.
On the other hand we are concerned that our identity,
some traditional customs and cultures are disappearing.
In order to value and respect them, we launched this project. You will enjoy Japanese identities such as “belief”, “never give up spirit” or “morality”.
Samurai Suit/Jacket is a custom-made suit attached with Japanese classic designs to lining, based on modern-England traditional style.
Wagara, Japanese classic designs have each meaning and concept
such as “will”, “happiness”, “progress/development” etc.
You can express your identity via wearing the only one custom-made suit.
Wagara, Japanese patterns are Japanese original designs, developed from Heian period,
around 1000 years ago. They have two features, one is colorful designs
such as plants, animals, natural phenomenon, geometric patterns etc.
and another is they each have special meaning.