Otafukuwata was established in Fukuoka in 1840 as a cotton brokerage firm and a futon mattress manufacturer, using bow-carded cotton. As of 2015, the company celebrated its 175th year of business.  Our cotton production has expanded alongside the growth of the industry throughout many generations (Edo, Meiji, Taisho, Showa periods) and we continue to create products with a focus on cotton.

Zabuton Cushion
Nationally recognized futon craftswomen and men crafted this 100% cotton zabuton cushion. With a pleasant, eye-catching pattern, it can be used on chairs and couches.

Tablet Case
A tablet case made of a beautifully designed material and carefully stuffed with cotton by futon artisans. The button clasp gives it a unique charm.

Zabuton Cushion Bag
A canvas bag featuring a zipped, detachable, hand-made zabuton cushion, that comes in handy when watching sports, sitting outdoors or out for a walk.

Otafuku Tote
A high quality canvas tote with our bold Otafukuwata logo design. It will bring a smile to anyone who uses or sees it.