Kenema (気音間) is the three elements that support Japanese aesthetic sense.
気Ke  beautiful sign
音Ne  beautiful sound
間Ma  beautiful intersection
The Japanese have compounded these three elements and have made things, things and places permanently.

Using boldness and playfully reborn popular things
Brand “Kenema (Kessei)” to enjoy and be impressed.
We offer a dyeing towel that can be dyed by the craftsmen’s hands.


Tenugui has a long history. The oldest one was found in the grave made in the year 300 AD. Things that the samurai from the Kamakura period to the Edo period had to sweat under the helmet under the helmet spread to the common people. It became popular in the Edo era, and people began to become tenaciously designed. Women covered their hair, Kabuki actors and sumo wrestlers made their own towels, samurai wrapped swords.

In addition to wiping hands, towels can be used for towels used in kitchens and bathrooms. For example, there are wrapping lunch boxes and wine bottles, wrapping hair, scarf, table cloth, various ways to use. It will also be a substitute for your important napkins and hand towels. Please enjoy towels with beautiful design every season.