The Barcos design team creates handbags that feature Japan’s unique sensibility and culture that are distributed worldwide to a discerning audience. Our design philosophy is summarized in a ‘3F’ acronym: Futuristic, Fun, Function, embracing kaizen, Japan’s ethos of continuous improvement, working to bring wellness to our customers.
The brandname of the origami line is derived from the 4 seasons in Japanese: Haru/Spring, Natsu/Summer, Aki/Autum, Fuyu/Winter, spelling Hanaa-fu.

Origami inspires the Hanaa-fu handbags into five ever-changing shapes:

1. Flat Tote

2. Gusset Tote

3. Cube

4. Diamond

5. Hexagon

Flat and Gusset are daily bags. Cube and Diamond, ideal at a function or party. Hexagon neatly folds into storage. An A4 document will fit in the Flat Tote. Length-adjustable handles.