U-th Kilarespect Earrings

Looking for holidays gift?

Here is great idea!

Hand made earrings from Japan.


Message from “ Kilarespect”

“Kilarespect “ consists of two words, Kilari (meaning “twinkle” in Japanese) and respect.

Founder Ms. Yukiko Ueda wish “kilarespect” jewelry gives you an opportunity to rediscover yourself. She hope the “New You”, inspired by Kilarespect jewelry, starts a new life filled with immeasurable possibilities and brightness.


Kilarespect jewelry design is materials come first.

After Ms. Yukiko decide how to best use materials to enhance the beauty of Kilarespect jewelry.


Aluminum in Kilarespect brand products is procured from metal molding production. Creases, holes and colors are naturally created by the heat in the aluminum melting process. No two pieces are exactly the same. Therefore, our design is one of a kind.


The mesh in Kilarespect brand products is delicately woven from 0.06mm brass and copper blend fiber to look like a soft polished fabric.


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