<Amano Shikki Fair   Introducing RADEN technique>


Tuesday , October 23rd   to   Monday , October 29th

At 33 Spring. & Kinokuniya locations.

Raden Demonstrations

Kinokuniya Bookstore 1 floor entrance:Friday, Oct.26   4:00pm-7:00pm

WAZA Shop -33 Spring Street:Saturday , Oct.27 & Sunday, Oct.28   Time TBA


Introducing RADEN technique

What Is Raden?

Raden is slices of Abalone sea shells or other beautiful rainbow colored sea shells used in as their decorative art in the everyday craft in Japan . They are stored in the most prominent temples and museums. It became the Japanese heritage technique in 1975.

Raden Glasses

This is the trinity of the perfect combinations of the most beautiful TAKAOKA art of Urushi Lacquer, Abalone shell and the glass. It brings the beauty of the sharpness of the Glasses and the warmness of the Lacquer so mystical that it catches your eyes and your heart. You will never forget the moment you see our exhibit.

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