16-WOOD Fair

16-WOOD ZERO-BASE Sunglasses are beautiful sunglasses creation of Mr. Satoshi Akutsu.

Must come to see his handmade sunglasses.

Sept. 4th to Sept. 9th 2018 at 33 Spring street location.

We have new items from Yokohama Japan.
Mr. Akutsu has created the most beautiful sunglasses. He is a carpenter and has 22 years of experience working in the field in Japan.

He is expanding his skills to make a variety of items made out of wood.

It is all handcrafted in Japan.
He is using Sakura (cherry wood), Walnut, Teak, and Vintage Sakura wood to make it.
Lens is UV400 and he uses Sabae lens. ( famous high quality lens in Japan )

Now available at WAZA Kinokuniya location too!!

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